Monday, 3 September 2012

Old habits...

While riding into work this morning, I was at a traffic light in Fulham, when I noticed the curious sign on the number plate of the scooter in front of me.

I think that if you click on the picture and it zooms in, you can distinctly see where that scooter comes from. 

With that and the fact that it was sunny and reasonably warm, for a moment it felt like I was on my way to work from Antella to Careggi, once again...

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  1. I just realised that this doesn't make any sense at all, if you're not from Florence... (OK: it has taken me a while, but, contrary to some evidence, I do spend time doing other stuff that is totally unrelated to this blog).

    Apologies if you've read it and thought I'd gone bonkers. The key word is "Scandicci".