Sunday 8 December 2013

Update on Bayes Pharma 2014

This is the logo for the 2014 edition of Bayes Pharma. Very soon we'll advertise the programme and more details $-$ I'll post about it as well. 

At the moment, we're finalising the plan but I think we've decided to structure the workshops in this way. As a general rule, we consider three main areas for invited talks. These are:
1) Bayesian methods in clinical trials
2) Advanced Bayesian modelling
3) Bayesian methods for exploratory and epidemiological analysis

Each year, we could find something specific to fit under these (very loose) headers. For 2014, these are the proposed topics:
1) Power prior vs hierarchical modelling
2) Structural Equation Models
3) Health economic evaluation
(this last topic is not surprising $-$ although it was Emmanuel to suggest it, not me!).

Of course, In addition to these we'll have the contributed session (we'll ask people to submit their abstract).

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