Tuesday 4 February 2014

BMHE @ University of Alberta (reds vs blues)

When I was a kid, we use to play Subbuteo all the time (in fact, my brother and I had this exact box, featuring Sampdoria on the cover $-$ I thought I just mentioned this, since last night we won the Genova derby...).

You may think this is totally irrelevant to the title of this post, but you would be mistaken; first of all, Sampdoria do feature also in BMHE (pages 31-32, when explaining subjective probabilities and Bayes theorem). 

Second, the main point of the post is that Richard Nixon, Chris Jackson and I will give a short course on Bayesian methods in health economics at the University of Alberta in Canada this coming March $-$ the actual dates are 12th-14th March, here is a flyer with some info
, in case you're interested...). 

Richard and Chris have done a course on WinBUGS in Health Economic Evaluations (kind of similar, but not quite the same as we're now doing) in the past. So when we talked, we thought it would be nice to combine BMHE, their version of the course and the BUGS book (which Chris co-authored), which is basically what this new course is about.

Just like your classic Subbuteo box which would come with two teams, the reds and the blues! 

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