Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Making friends

I've received an email by one of the contributors of and, while we were both hanging out of our parents' back, we've decided we wanted to become friends.

I had encountered this blog a couple of times in the past and their approach is quite similar to mine (so I instinctively like it; that's not to say that I do like everything that is similar to me, but it certainly makes it easier to get a good feeling out of it...). 

Anyway, in particular, I kind of like the fact that they have a motto (In Monte Carlo we trust) $-$ it made me think that perhaps I should get a motto of my own. 

That has happened to me once before, while Marta and I were spending some time in Boston during our PhD. At the time, she was working on statistical analysis of genomic data and so she was based in a lab, which was led by an Italian (nay, Florentine) researcher. This one time, I went to see a presentation and on the first slides, he had modified Harvard's motto "Veritas" to a much more convivial "In vino veritas". But then again, he did come from Chianti...

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