Friday 8 March 2013

PSMR (short course at UCL)

As every year, come April our group hold a short course on Practical Statistics in Medical Research. I think this has run for several years now and it's reasonably established. The course is aimed at health care professionals (ie non statisticians) and we teach various aspects of experimental and observational studies, methods for statistical analysis of medical data and try to give a general feel for what a non-statistician should know (about statistics, that is...).

So far, I have not been too involved (as I only teach one class, plus a couple of tutorials/practicals), but, apparently, I'll organise it from next year, courtesy of some sort of rotation policy in place among the people in the group. I'm counting on the fact that the machine is well oiled and, to a certain extent, most things are kind of in place. 

I think registration is not closed yet $-$ have a look here if you're interested!

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