Thursday 23 May 2013

Bayes Pharma 2013 (4)

The conference is officially over and the breaking news is that I have managed to succeed where the lot in the picture right next to this miserably failed. Somehow they lost the bid to bring the world cup to London (beaten by Qatar!). 

[Royal] We, on the other hand, won by a landslide the right to organise the next Bayes Pharma! $-$ of course, I was actually ambushed by Emmanuel and Bruno who very cleverly pointed out that it would be nice to take the conference to London, if only someone was in the scientific committee that could organise it...

I blame Julien for all this! ;-)


  1. Hahaha :) Congratulations are in order ! I was actually not "in" on the ambush: it looks like the stellar reputation of UCL is the only cause :-) That'll be brilliant !

  2. Thanks! But don't think you can get out of it so lightly... I will involve you as much as you can be! ;-)

  3. I even thought of the perfect social event already!