Monday 4 November 2013

My talk @ the Dutch Chemometrics Symposium

For same reason, Paul Eilers really liked the talk I gave on INLA at the BayesPharma workshop earlier this year and so he invited me to talk at the Dutch Chemometrics Symposium.

Now: you may ask what have I got to do with chemometrics. And you would be right in doing that $-$ in fact, such is the extent of my ignorance on the subject, that I had to actually look "chemometrics" up... But Paul asked me to talk about Bayesian statistics in general, so that was very much up my street, which is why I gladly agreed.

The workshop is this coming Thursday (7th November) in Utrecht. I've put the slides of my talk: "Come to the dark side: we got cookies! An introduction to Bayesian statistics" here.

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