Wednesday 13 April 2016

Workshop on Infectious Disease Modelling in Public Health Policy: Current status and challenges

Later this year, we're holding at UCL a workshop on modelling for infectious disease with specific focus on the implications and challenges for health economic evaluation. 

I think this is a very interesting area for all sorts of different reasons: in particular, modelling is generally complex (because infectious disease need to be modelled accounting for population dynamics and interactions). This may have implications in terms of health economic evaluation, because the extra complexity impacts on the possibility/simplicity with which one can perform full probabilistic sensitivity analyses.

The workshop (which will be on 4th July) will try and explore three different perspectives: in the morning, we'll have a discussion from the methodological point of view; we'll try and explore the established analytic methods and the challenges in adapting them to a full economic assessment (as opposed to an epidemiological perspective, which, I think, is where they are established in the first place). 

Then in the afternoon we'll have two sessions exploring the industry and then the regulatory 
perspectives. Again we'll try and discuss the implications and challenges faced when dealing with interventions against infectious diseases, from a public health decision-making point of view. 

More information on the day are available here, while details for registration are here.

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